Laurence O. McKinney
Laurence O. McKinney is the Director of the American Institute for Mindfulness in Arlington, Massachusetts. His professional and teaching careers encompass thirty years of uninterrupted activity as a writer, educator, consultant and innovator. With an academic background which includes Harvard College, Harvard Business School, and Harvard Divinity School, McKinney is one of the few who has successfully bridged the gap between the new technology and New Age spirituality. One of the founders of New Age Magazine, he served as a Field Ministry Supervisor, was awarded a lifetime membership in the Harvard Entrepreneurs, wrote a column for Asia Business Journal, and was senior columnist for CyberSangha Magazine. He lives in Arlington, where he teaches at the Institute, publishes in the field of mind science and contemporary Buddhism, and manages a successful internet consulting firm.




Laurence McKinney presenting HH the Dalai Lama the first version of Neurotheology at Amherst College in 1984, at right is Prof. Robert Thurman. His Holiness' response.

L. McKinney presenting Gov. Weld's proclamation to HH the Dalai Lama
Mr. McKinney giving HH the Dalai Lama Governor William Weld's Tibetan Self-Determination Day Proclamation in 1991.

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