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Founded 1981 by Ven. Thupten Kalsang, Rinpoche and Laurence O. McKinney



The American Institute for Mindfulness, founded in 1981 by Laurence O. McKinney and Ven. Thupten Kalsang, Rinpoche, had maintained for many years when a hosting error resulted in the deletion of the entire website in May of 2015. There was no backup and the majority of the site was lost.

Fortunately a nonprofit group maintains "The Wayback Machine", a collection of servers that has a "snapshot" from every website that ever existed.  We located our page, and by good luck, the book reviews for "Neurotheology - Virtual Religion in the 21st Century"", at the second level, were also preserved, and many be accessed from the front page link. 


Visit the former Webmindful